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My Heart’s Cry – Lives Are In Danger

A Beating HeartTo all my brothers and sisters in Christ,

There are two things that lay very heavy on my heart today.

One is the memory of when my 16 year old nephew was laying in the hospital bed, 2 ½ years ago. I remember it so clearly.

I received a call that morning as we were getting ready for our morning church service.

It was my mom on the other end. She said Ellie, Johnny has been in a terrible accident, we need to pray for him. They transported him by life star helicopter to the RI hospital. That was all that was said, she didn’t know much more than that.

As we gathered together and prayed for him that morning, not knowing much about it, we all believed and knew that God was in control.

Pastor Curt and I headed to the hospital a short time later. On our way there, we just sat quietly. It was the longest Continue reading