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Pursuing God Relentlessly

Pursuing God Relentlessly

pursuing God relentlesslyPursuing God Relentlessly. What does that mean? And why do we even want to know about it? Let’s talk about that. Come with me as we explore this whole “pursuing God relentlessly” idea.

If you’ve spent any time at all reading the Bible, you may have noticed that many of the people in the Bible pursued God relentlessly. They didn’t just casually follow Him. They followed Him with abandon.

You might notice that many people gave up everything they had and followed God with a tireless passion. Their lives were turned upside down because of this passion. They gave up everything they knew and left it all behind in an effort to be who God wanted them to be and do what He wanted them to do.

A Wide Variety of People

Prophets, disciples, apostles and more. They all had that one trait in common. In essence, they could have Continue reading