Is the Church in Need of a Modern Day Reformation?

Modern Christian ChurchThere are so many things that are being done in the church that nobody has ever questioned.

We are all taught specific ways of praying, worshiping, etc. But how many of us ever stop doing those things long enough to ask God if what we were taught is correct or pleasing to Him?

We sing “songs of praise” to Him, but are we really praising Him with those songs? Do the words we sing really lift Him up and honor Him, or do they just speak out of emotion, or maybe even out of selfish motivation?

We “pray”, but are we really praying, or are we just spending time asking God for “stuff” that we want to see happen, without ever asking Him what He wants?

And we “plead the blood of Jesus” over so many things, but is this even scriptural? Is the blood of Jesus even supposed to be invoked in any of these things that we are pleading it over?

This is not a rant about what’s “wrong” with the church. This is not us pointing a finger and saying “you’re wrong and we’re right”. This is not a public “calling out” taking place to shame fellow believers.

There is already way too much of that foolishness going on and it does nobody any good. Naming people publicly (on the Internet or otherwise) and “airing their dirty laundry” in front of the public for all to see is not helping anyone.

In fact, all it does is drive seekers and unbelievers further away from God because it causes them to think that the church is only full of argumentative hypocrites. So why would they want to get involved anyway?

What this really is is our (mine and Pastor Ellie’s) hearts being shared, to pass along tidbits of wisdom that God has placed within us to teach to others. It is not being done to bring glory to ourselves. It is not being done to get a pat on the back.

We are simply doing this to put these things out there for careful consideration for those of you who happen to read this.

So during the next several days (or possibly weeks), we will be adding new content to this blog that will touch on all of the topics mentioned above, and probably even other things that weren’t mentioned above.

We hope you will come back in the coming days and weeks and check out what we will be sharing on these topics and more, and see if God will speak to you about any of these things, as they apply to your own life and your walk with Him.

Pastor Curt & Pastor Ellie

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