Questions & Answers

Welcome to our Questions & Answers section. Here, we will be building an ongoing library of questions from our readers, along with our answers, based on Biblical texts and scriptures.

We have changed or removed the names of the people who sent these questions, as well as any names of people who might have been mentioned in the body of the emails.

The answers that were given for these questions were given with a great deal of prayer and seeking God for the answers. Some questions get answered the same day they arrive, while others can take several days or more while we seek God for His wisdom and the right words to answer them accurately and with God's wisdom... not our own.

Much of what we share with people is also based on how we have seen God work or move in our own lives, as well as the lives of others that we know, have known or have dealt with in a counseling capacity, during the past 12+ years.

How Do I Find God’s Purpose and Calling For My Life?


Hello, God bless! :)

I'm really happy it was these verses this morning, due to the fact that I have been noticing that I'm not quite sure what my purpose or destiny here is.

You see, some of my friends have a special calling God has made to them and they already know what their purpose is. However, I have started asking God to show me what my calling in Him is, why He created...

How Do I Overcome Sin & a Lack of Faith in My Life?


Dear Beloved Pastor Curt & Ellie,

My name is (name removed).

I meet with accident year 2010 at the age 27 due for it spinal cord injury and doctor said I'm lower limb paralyze and medicine forever, and recently doctor said that may have cancer because of one of my testis is up in body since baby and now only we know it can bring to cancer...

I Need Help With My Son’s Behavior



I am writing to ask for prayer for my 13 year old son. He has been diagnosed with mood disorder and conduct disorder. He has been hospitalized 2x's in the last 2 weeks and has a history of drug/alcohol abuse and very rebellious behaviors. He has several...